Pureco Hemp Salve

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Pureco Hemp Salve
Pureco Hemp Salve

 Pureco Hemp Salve is 100% vegan, pure, organic, unrefined, first cold pressed Hemp Oil grown and harvested in South Australia.

The Hemp oil in the salve has been mechanically pressed in a food grade facility with no chemical extraction or no additives.

It is also a "drying oil", as it can polymerize (harden) into a hardened water resistant layer.

It is a beautiful and simple way to finish wood floors, furniture and even items in the kitchen such as cutting boards and utensils.

This high quality, food-safe salve will darken and enrich wood while providing protection.

The salve will nourish raw wood and seal painted wood, providing a water resistant surface.

How to use - Ensure your painted piece is dry or your raw wood is clean and dry.

Can be applied with a brush or lint free cloth

Once dry wipe off any excess with a clean lint free cloth

Apply light coats as heavy coats will leave a sticky residue.

Allow 24 hours between coats to ensure the oils have absorbed Pureco Hemp Salve is perfect for wet sanding over painted pieces to achieve a flawless smooth finish.


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