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Olive - Botanics

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Olive - Botanics

Botanics Furniture Paint in Olive is water-based, water clean up, zero voc, eco approved and bio-degradable.

Minimal surface preparation is required when using Botanics furniture paint and you will find that minimal coats are required for full coverage.

Botanics paint makes it easy to achieve a slick modern finish or a weathered vintage look.

Application : Clean surface with soap and water, or sugar soap. Scuff surface to give it some 'tooth'. Paint until you have achieved your desired look.

L'essentiel Botanics Paints can be finished with Botanics Hemp Infusion wax, L'essentiel beeswax polishes, L'essentiel Liquid Wax, L'essentiel Glazes or Flat Sealer.

The Botanics furniture range is environmentally safe, easy to use and beautiful. The furniture paint is loaded with clays, chalk, minerals and pigments.