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Concrete Flower Knob

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Concrete Flower Knob
Concrete Flower Knob

•  Diameter 4.0 x Depth x 4.0 x Screw size 3.0 cm
•  No additional hardware required. Tighten with care
A unique twist on your ordinary furniture hardware, this unique and decorative knob will bring some style and some sophistication to your traditional décor. It works wonderfully on cabinets, cupboards and dresser drawers. Imagine how great it would look on a wood grain piece of furniture, or it would stand out nicely on a painted piece as well. 

Suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, you will love the design that this decorative knob adds to your furniture. Our knobs are easy to install and affordable! Don’t put off this simple DIY project any longer, you’ll be so glad you installed new door knobs on your furniture and you’ll quickly find yourself wanting to update even more!

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