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Brush & Surface Cleaner

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Brush & Surface Cleaner

L'essentiel Brush & Surface Cleaner is 100% natural, doesn't contain harsh solvents or oils and will be a gentle cleansing agent for yourbrushes, surfaces and your hands. Made in the traditional French fashion of castile soap.

Brush & surface cleaner will clean without leaving behind a nasty film that can and will lift paint.

Surface cleaning - When cleaning your surface use the desired amount of cleaner on your damp cleaning cloth. Give your substrate a really good scrub (you will find you do not get a large volume of foam). After scrubbing your piece use clean warm water and a clean cloth to remove all soap. Once clean and dry, scuff your surface to prepare for painting. Dust off any remaining dust. Use All in One Base and Blocker or paint as normal.

Brush cleaning - When using as a brush cleaner take a small amout of gel out of the pot, emusify into your damp brush. Wash your brush gently running your fingers down the bristles, if you have a fine toothed comb, you can comb bristles to ensure it is squeaky clean. Dried on paint will take some extra time and applications as there are no solvents in the cleaner.


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