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Candy Coat - Vintage Pearl 250ml

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Candy Coat - Vintage Pearl 250ml

Pour- topcoat- glaze - layer

There are many options with how you can use this product. No mixing of parts, no measuring. Decant and use to pour colour resin art pieces, great for dipping and using as a high gloss glaze. You are only limited by your imagination.

Simply pour the required amount into a plastic cup, gently stir so you don't create bubbles, or if you have previously shaken the product in the bottle, let it sit so bubbles disappear or use a heat gun for glassier results. Use in whatever pouring style you love.

Our colours can be mixed to create custom colours and pastels. Mix a little metallic for some extra sparkle.

* All of our products can be mixed and matched. 

** Please Note: Candy Coat CANNOT be used for casting!

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