Having fun with my thrifting haul!

Laurie-Jean Lynch

You might remember this thrifting haul from a while ago, today I am working on 2 small pieces, the tiny wooden tote and the craftwood drawers.

I decided to turn the tiny tote into a Salt & Pepper holder, very simple look using paint and stamp.

First I gave it two coats of Botanics Chalk style paint in Dove a lovely soft grey using Joy No:4 Paint Pixie brush as it is great for small projects.

I then took out my Alpha II stamp from the 1st Gen IOD range but you can use the current Typesetting, I used IOD Black decor ink to stamp. Just dab the IOD stamp ink pad over the stamp and then place on your piece being careful not to move once placed down.

I did a little distressing for interest and then sealed with Botanics Soapstone Wax in clear as it will be on our outdoor setting and any water will just bead off the Soapstone Wax.


I then worked on the small craftwood drawers, deciding to turn it in a jewellery box. I removed the little stuck on stamps with a razor, even though they were quite cute.


I gave it two coats of Botanics chalk style paint in Grey Goose a gorgeous blue/green. I wanted to add some copper bling also so grabbed my Botanics Gilding Wax in Copper. I applied with a small stiff brush to corners and edges around the drawers and the top edges etc.

I decided I wanted to add some flowers but wanted to keep a similar colour, so I use the Patina Range (Patina Spray & Copper Powder) and get some copper verdigris, rather than painting something. I used an IOD stamp with Botanics Copper metallic paint and dabbed it over the stamp to give the Copper Powder something to stick too.

I then sprinkled the copper powder straight over the stamped image and tapped it to remove the excess.

Next you spray the Patina Spray over the powder to start the oxidising process. Leave your piece for about 15mins to reveal the verdigris.

I left it all to dry thoroughly before sealing with Soapstone Wax in clear.

I just love adding just a little bit of interest without going over the top.

I hope you like these and learnt a little something today!

 Happy Painting and Creating!


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