DIY Chair Planter

Laurie-Jean Lynch

I love Before & After pics, love it even more when there is some ideas and instructions on how it is done!

So I thought I would give it a red hot go, with some things that I do!

This is my first attempt at this, so be kind lol

I bought this chair from one of my favourite customers as she was culling her shed contents. It is a smaller size chair I would say 3/4 size. 

It is in really good condition but the rattan seating was starting to sag (like me) and re caning it was way out of my skill set. I removed it filled in the holes and decided I would do a cute little planter.

After filling I then sanded all the rough edges and filler with my trusty Sandi Hands sanding glove and 240 grit. 

I wanted a cottage garden/shabby chic kind of look but also wanted to try something different. I chose L'essential Botanics Paints in Merlot, Pink Salmon and Coral to do a blended ombre look. Again this was my first attempt so was kinda winging it after watching way too many tutorials whilst laying in bed (sleeping).

Once I was happy with the look I sealed it with L'essential Botanics Tranlucent Glaze in Clear, this stuff is seriously the bomb! I just brushed on and wiped off excess so quick and easy.

Then came the fun part of adding the planter, this is where Mr Pixie Dust stepped in, not because i couldn't do it but he loves a good power tool especially the air compressor. He was all 'I will help you honey' whilst waving the staple gun around like he-man.

I purchased hanging basket Coco Liner (Bunnings $6.95) to act as the "pot"  as I didn't want a pot look, more of a natural look. This was attached to the inside edges of the chair seat with the staple gun, I then cut away the excess Coco Liner and put pieces of wire as extra support in a cross shape under the seat. 

Next came the plants, to be totally honest I am not a green thumb, my 5yr old daughter has a better idea of gardening than I do, so I picked pretty flowers I liked for the look I was going for :)

I potted the plants with the help of my little helper Miss 5, we cleaned up our mess and then I raided her cubby house garden for her 'Butterflies Welcome' prop for photos lol

What do you think? Perfect addition to a front porch.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blurb today and hopefully inspired you to have a go it was super easy!

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Cheers L-j

Mrs Pixie Dust

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  • Good job, looks great, I will have to do one, do you have any other inspirational ideas?

    Julia Marr

  • This chair looks amazing! Great idea. Love it.

    Anne Thomas

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