Chippy Look Experiment!

Laurie-Jean Lynch

Ok so I have to admit I have never used chippy milk paint before but love the look,so I decided to try an experiment with the products I have on hand and here's what I did and the results!

 This is what I started with lovely orange pine frame :)

I wanted to have a dark walnut colour showing up from underneath so I painted it in L'essentiel Botanics Chocolate Furniture Paint found here as a base coat.

Next I decided just exactly what I would use to fake it!

I came up with 4 different ways to try and create the look,

1. Using a wax resist under the paint.

2. Using a crackle medium under the paint.

3. Using wet distress method.

4. Sanding distress method.

Method 1-Wax Resist

Once the undercoat colour was dry I applied a resist (something that will stop the top paint layer adhereing), I used L'essentiel Hemp Infusion Wax Stick found here  I then applied L'essentiel European Milk Fresco in Alabaster found here as my top colour, once it dried I then used a lint free cloth to pull back the paint that resisted adhereing due to the wax.

Method 2-Crackle Medium

Again once my basecoat of Chocolate had dried I applied Botanics Crackle Medium found here heavily in some spots and lighter in others to create variation.

Once that dried throughly in about an hour, I applied the Alabaster over the top, I got crackle straight away and larger crackles on the heavily applied areas.

Method 3-Wet Distress

Once the Chocolate was dry, I applied Alabaster and when dried I took a damp lint free cloth and varying pressure rubbed back the Alabaster to remove some of the paint.

Method 4-Sanding

I simply painted the Alabaster over the Chocolate and once it was all dried distressed with sandpaper.

Here are my results!


In conclusion I think the Hemp Resist & Crackle Medium gave the best chippy look results and I think next time I do this look, I will use Crackle Medium and maybe do a bit of dabbing over the heavier crackled parts to possibly lift off more paint in those areas.

I hope you maybe learnt some new looks or techniques today, Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling :)

Kindest regards


Mrs Pixie Dust.

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